2017 Metro Melee


Liberty Garden is happy to announce the 2017 Metro Melee! We had so much interest after last year’s tournament that we’ve to expand the tournament and add 6 new teams: Boston, Detroit, Phoenix, San Jose, Cleveland and Jersey City.


The 6 new teams will face off in a single elimination qualifying round (best of 3 games). Teams will be made up of 5 players each. The winning teams will move on to the semis to face 3 teams from last year. Semis will also be a single elimination round (best of 3 games). The winners of the semis will all move on to the Melee. NY and LA are both automatically entered in the Melee since both made the finals last year. At least 2 players from the earlier rounds must be on the Melee team but subs/alternates are permitted.

For all rounds, including the final MELEE tournament, the records will be determined by overall match winner, NOT by individual games.

Qualifying Round – single elimination

Phoenix vs San Jose  (Friday, September 30 @ AZ Regionals, VGC’15 format) — San Jose moves on

Detroit vs Boston (Sunday, September 25, VGC’16 format) — Detroit moves on

Cleveland vs Jersey City (Sunday, October 30, VGC’15 format)

Each team will DM a play order roster to the TO along with team lists. The TO will then publicize the play order the day of the qualifier for each team.

Semis Round – single elimination

3 teams advancing from the qualifying round face off against the 3 original cities that did not make the finals in the first year (Seattle, Dallas & Chicago). Match-ups TBD. Each team will DM a play order roster to the TO along with team lists. The TO will then publicize the play order the day of the match for each team.

Final Round – Melee

  • 4 rounds – each team gets 1 bye
  • 5 players per team
  • 3 players from each team play per round, each player must play twice
  • Match ups each round will be chosen as follows:
    • First matchup – each team chooses 1 member of the opposing team blindly.
    • Then, teams draw to see who will choose first for the following order:

Team A picks Player 1 for Game 2
Team B picks Player 2 for Game 2
Team B picks Player 1 for Game 3
Team A picks Player 2 for Game 3

After 5 rounds, the top 2 teams will play in the Finals – all players will participate in the Finals. Since there are 5 players this year, the finals will be 5 matches. As such, a tie breaker or sudden death is not expected but in the event of a need, it will be determined as follows.

Sudden Death

Teams will choose 1 player to play for their team, the rest of the team is allowed to ghost this player. Winner of this sudden death is the winner of the tournament.

Roster Lock

Once you play for a team, you are locked into that team for the remainder of a season, even if that team is knocked out or you are not picked up for a subsequent round.


Qualifying round format will be agreed upon by the Captains of each team in the round. The format chosen does not necessarily have to be the current official VGC format (whatever that may be) but should be one that will garner views on each stream. Please note: gimmicky formats like Corsola Cup are forbidden. Once a format for each round has been chosen, it cannot be changed without approval from all the captains AND the TO. The Semis and Melee rounds will be played in the legal VGC’17 format, whatever that may be.


The purpose of the original Melee was to give the community something to do/look forward to in the month leading up to the 2016 National Championships. It was really ambitious in that we asked every team to gather in one location and stream their matches for the Melee. The TO streamed the NYC team from the Liberty Garden channel. At the height all teams had 1 stream going.

This year we would like to be just as ambitious. As such, the TO will travel to three cities in the qualifying round (Phoenix, Jersey City and Boston). The opposing team has the option to stream from the channel of their choice. Depending on the teams in the Semis, this may not be possible so the TO will either delegate the streaming to another channel and/or outside TO. Liberty Garden will again be the main channel for the Melee round with every other city encouraged to stream simultaneously. Liberty Garden and the TO will provide commentary on the main channel as well as graphics for overlays etc for each channel. For every round, the teams should make every effort to meet in the same location for their matches.


City Captain Roster
Los Angeles Gavin Michaels Roster TBD
New York City Tommy Cooleen Roster TBD
Chicago Alex Underhill Roster TBD
Dallas Jake Muller Roster TBD
Seattle Gabby Snyder Roster TBD
Phoenix Chase Lybbert Chase Lybbert
Gerard Delacruz
Colten Lybbert
William Hall
Joseph Selmer
Boston Aaron Traylor Aaron Traylor
Caleb Ryor
Mike St. Pierre
Zach Carlson
Jake Magier
Jersey City Justin Carris Jake Rosen
Danny Hemchand
Stephen Mea
Chris Danzo
Jake Skurchak
Cleveland Andy Himes Andy Himes
Alec Rubin
Ashton Cox
David Mancuso
Johnathan Neville
Detroit Sam Schweitzer Sam Schweitzer
Caitlin Beach
Nick Navarre
Kevin Swastek
Grant Weldon
San Jose Mitchell Davies Mitchell Davies
Patrick Smith
Jordan Jue
James Eakes
Alan Schambers