2016 Liberty Garden Invitational

2016 Invitational Qualifications

The 2016 Liberty Garden Invitational will be held on Saturday, July 30 at Kings Games. The tournament will be Best of 3 Swiss Rounds (6 rounds) with a Top 8 Cut. Prizes will be announced as we get closer to the date.

To qualify, you must finish in the Top 26 in Masters or the Top 6 in Seniors. You will earn Invitational Points for every tournament you complete that has Jen Badamo as a Tournament Organizer. There will be a Best Finish Limit of 6.

Points will be assigned as follows:

Finish Points Kicker
1st 20 IP 0
2nd 18 IP 0
3rd & 4th 14 IP 0
5th-8th 9 IP 16
9th-16th 5 IP 32
17th-32nd 3 IP 32
33rd-Last 1 IP 64

Follow along!

2016 Liberty Garden Invitational Tracker – Masters

2016 Liberty Garden Invitational Tracker – Seniors

Once all Premier Challenges are completed, Invitations will go out to the qualifying players so they may confirm their attendance and secure their invite. In the event that a player is unable or uninterested in attending, or I am unable to contact or get a response from that player, their replacement will be chosen using a Player’s Choice poll. The first poll will be taken amongst other qualifying players; any additional spots may query the VG Community.