2016 Metro Melee

The Metro Melee is an exclusively online tournament conceived to fill the “downtime” in June while everyone waits and prepares for U.S. Nationals.

The concept is simple. Five teams from different cities, each comprised of 4 players, battle it out for the title of Melee Champions (and some sweet cash prizes).

When and Where?

The tournament will take place on Saturday, June 11 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern. It will be streamed LIVE online at twitch.tv/libertygarden as well as on other channels run by the other cities (to be announced).

Tournament Format

There are 4 swiss rounds in the tournament, after which the two teams with the best record will play head to head to determine the winners. If there is a tie after all 4 games have been played, there will be a sudden death match.

Two players from each team will play each round and each player will play twice total, no more or less.

Players for each round will be chosen as follows:

  1. Team A picks Player 1 for Game 1
  2. Team B picks Player 2 for Game 1
  3. Team B picks Player 1 for Game 2
  4. Team A picks Player 2 for Game 2

Round schedule and picking order will be set 1 week before the tournament.

Sudden Death

Teams will choose 1 player to play for their team, the rest of the team is allowed to ghost this player. Winner of this sudden death is the winner of the tournament.



  • Sam Schweitzer
  • Kamaal Harris (cannot make it – team has subbed in Stephen Morioka Calvin Chan)
  • Dane Zieman
  • Alex Underhill


  • Jake Muller
  • Blake Hopper
  • Ben Irons
  • Cedric Bernier

Los Angeles

  • Gavin Michaels
  • Riley Factura
  • Giovanni Costa
  • Alejandro Jimenez

New York City

  • Tommy Cooleen
  • Chuppa N. Cross IV
  • Aaron Zheng
  • Joshua Lorcy


  • Zach Droegkamp
  • Conan Thompson
  • Henry Maxon
  • Hayden McTavish


Each player will pay an entry fee into the prize pool. The pot will be matched by TO Jen Badamo. The winning team will split the pot four ways.